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When is Invisalign Express a Good Option?

When is Invisalign Express a Good Option?

Express is the fastest treatment made by Invisalign. Patients who are eligible for Invisalign Express can expect to get straight teeth in just a few months depending on their needs. Here, you can learn about when this treatment may be recommended.

Mild Bite Irregularities

The less orthodontic correction necessary, the shorter treatment will be. If you only need slight smile straightening, Express could be the right option for you. Severe bite problems and certain other issues could affect candidacy and can be identified during an exam.

Preparation for a Special Event

Many people invest in new outfits or other methods of enhancing their looks for an upcoming event. Why not get Invisalign in this situation, too? Among physical features, the smile is easily one of the most important for looking good in person and in pictures. Events that patients use Express before include weddings, vacations, and graduations.

Elimination of Orthodontic Relapse

Orthodontics normally produces permanent results, but teeth do sometimes move backward from their progress in the years after braces. This is called orthodontic relapse. This regression is usually minor, making Express an ideal option for re-establishing the improvements that braces originally delivered.

Years of braces treatment is not necessarily for every orthodontic patient. Express, a treatment that takes just three to nine months, is popular for minor bite corrections among many adult patients. When Express is finished, the results are just as permanent as they are after other treatments. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen Sanders to find out if Express would be a good choice for you.

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