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When Invisalign is Not the Best Option

Invisalign OptionAlthough Invisalign has earned its popularity among image-conscious dental patients, this treatment may not be the best option for every individual. For a variety of reasons, patients may benefit from having their teeth straightened in another way. Here is a look at the possible reasons for choosing a different approach.

Certain Bite Irregularities

Metal braces still address the widest range of bite irregularities, including some of the more complex issues that clear braces cannot. Some patients can also shorten their treatment time by choosing metal braces when they need a special appliance, such as a palatal expander. This appliance can be used concurrently with metal braces but not with aligners.

Affordability Versus Aesthetics

Most patients will look forward to the cosmetic improvements following treatment, but not all patients value aesthetics during treatment to the same degree. When appearance during correction is less of a concern than cost, metal braces can be chosen over their clear counterparts.

Convenience of Metal Braces

Clear braces offer convenience, thanks to their removability, but they also require active compliance by patients to be effective and to finish on schedule. By contrast, patients never have to remember to wear metal braces for a set number of hours every day.

Patient Age

Invisalign Full works for most patients aged 17 and older, as it requires mature jaws. For younger adolescents, Invisalign Teen may be an option. However, children may be limited to braces that use brackets.

Dr. Allen Sanders can only determine eligibility for orthodontic options, including clear and metal braces, through an exam. At this appointment, patients can also find out which type of braces best matches their goals.


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