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What Teenagers Should Know about Invisalign

What Teenagers Should Know about Invisalign

With the release of Invisalign Teen, Invisalign is no longer just for adults. Many teenagers across the age spectrum are candidates for this super-discreet orthodontic treatment. Below, teens can read a few important details about this type of braces for them.

Aligners must be removed before meals

Patients need to remove their aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water. This serves two purposes. First, it keeps food and bacteria from building up inside of the aligners, where they will further affect the teeth and gums. Second, it will help keep the aligners from becoming discolored.

Aligners must be worn for 22 hours each day

In order for treatment to progress as scheduled, the aligners must be worn for a minimum of twenty-two hours total in each twenty-four hour period. As soon as possible after meals, patients should put their aligners back in.

Teens Get Extra Aligners

Teenagers get extra aligners with their version of Invisalign. Recognizing that teens often lead busy lifestyles that could put aligners at risk of breakage or loss, the company includes extra aligners for teens in case of such events. While patients should still be careful, they can count on having back-up aligners in case they are needed.

Invisalign includes extra features for teen patients. Bite correction is faster with this approach, but patients will benefit from keeping the above details in mind for the smoothest experience. Patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen Sanders to learn more about treatment with the Teen version of Invisalign.

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