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What Sets Invisalign Apart from Braces

What Sets Invisalign Apart from BracesMore patients are choosing Invisalign over conventional braces. From improved appearance to more comfort and convenience, Invisalign has several clear advantages over braces made of metal. Here's a look at what sets Invisalign apart from braces.

Better Appearance

For many patients, the key advantage of Invisalign is its invisibility. It's easy to see the brackets and wires that make up conventional braces, but onlookers are unlikely to notice Invisalign at all. As a result, patients can correct their teeth without feeling self-conscious around family, friends and co-workers.

More Comfort

Metal braces are notoriously uncomfortable. Between post-adjustment pain and the constant sensation of brackets and wires poking the inside of the mouth, metal braces can be truly unpleasant. By contrast, Invisalign braces are comfortably smooth, ensuring that patients never have to endure irritation during treatment.

Easy Cleaning

According to our Rocklin orthodontist, patients report a much easier time cleaning their teeth when using Invisalign compared to metal braces. With metal braces, brushing is more complex, and flossing requires tedious threading between teeth. Invisalign lets patients remove their aligner to brush and floss, and the aligner itself is also easy to clean.

No Eating Restrictions

With metal braces, the cement holding metal brackets onto the teeth can break due to cold and pressure, forcing patients to watch what they eat. By contrast, Dr. Sanders, Invisalign dentist in Rocklin, points out that Invisalign patients are free to eat whatever they want because they can simply remove their aligner beforehand.

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