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What Does Invisalign Look Like?

What Does Invisalign Look LikeInvisalign is the most popular choice for straightening teeth in a discreet manner and without making them unsightly during treatment. This is all thanks to the design of Invisalign aligners, which are made of a clear thermoplastic to fit precisely over the teeth. Here is more about what these aligners look like on their own and when they are worn.

The aligners are virtually invisible due to the thin transparent plastic used to make them, as well as because of their shape. The aligners are formed based on bite impressions taken at the beginning of treatment, ensuring that there is very little space between the aligner edges and the teeth. Cleaning the aligners is easy, requiring only mild detergent and a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush. As a result, other people can clearly see the results of daily brushing and flossing on the part of the Invisalign patient.

The smoothness of the aligners does make them slightly shiny, which may allow them to be noticed in the right lighting. Upon close inspection, the aligners may be visible due to their slightly larger exterior size compared to the teeth. However, people are not likely to notice that the patient is wearing aligners as long as the patient keeps his or her aligners clean.

Compared to other braces, including metal, ceramic and lingual braces, Invisalign is far less noticeable. This means that patients can enjoy going to school or work without feeling self-conscious. At a consultation with our Invisalign provider in Rocklin, Dr. Allen Sanders, patients can learn more about how this treatment looks.


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