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What Braces Can Do

If you struggle with crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw, chances are you’re looking for a solution. Before turning to costly measures like implants, veneers, or invisible aligners, consider the possibility of a set of traditional braces, a time-tested way of straightening one’s teeth.

The process begins with an in-office consultation. Our orthodontist will take physical impressions with dental putty and several x-rays: this will show us exactly what work needs to be done. After evaluating your teeth and determining your eligibility, another appointment will be made to have the brackets bonded to your teeth; this appointment will be the longest of them all. After going over the target alignment one final time, our dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly, apply a special type of light-sensitive cement, and affix each one to your enamel. Once all the brackets are set in the mouth, the wire will be prepared and threaded through; this wire will be the source of tension shifting your teeth slowly to a predetermined position. Preparation entails measuring the wire against your smile and adding bends in it where more movement is necessary. Over the course of treatment, this wire will be the part most frequently replaced and updated.

The possible applications for this method of teeth straightening are almost limitless. Some patients have issues with teeth crowding; this is when the teeth have grown in too close together, giving bacteria an extremely opportune environment within which to thrive. Others experience the opposite problem: overly pronounced gaps between teeth can certainly be fixed with the professional treatment at our office. Protruding front teeth can be tamed, and candidates who have teeth which are too crooked to allow the mouth to close properly can have the opening drawn gradually shut. The problems we are able to fix are not just limited to simple tooth configuration; those who suffer from a maligned jaw can also be helped, whether they exhibit an underbite, overbite, or some combination thereof in the form of a crossbite.

Having your teeth straightened is not always a purely cosmetic decision; a more tightly-aligned set of teeth is also quite beneficial in terms of objective health and hygiene, as closing any crevasses seals out plaque and minimizes the possibility of tooth decay and gum disease.