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What are Invisible Braces?

What are Invisible BracesInvisible braces are an alternative to traditional braces for patients concerned about aesthetics during treatment. These new braces forgo metal brackets and wires in favor of clear plastic aligners that fit over the teeth. By going with invisible braces, patients also enjoy faster results along with better comfort and oral health support.

Invisible Braces Advantages

Patients who choose invisible braces never have to worry about attracting extra attention while their teeth are being straightened. Because the aligners are smooth, they do not abrade the inner cheeks. The ability to remove the aligners means that patients do not have to change their brushing and flossing habits. In most cases, patients also complete treatment in less time than they would with metal braces.

How Invisible Braces Work

Like metal braces, invisible braces are designed individually from bite impressions and photos taken at an initial appointment. Once the first aligners are received from the lab that makes them, patients return to start wearing them. Patients continue to visit our dentist regularly as they progress through the stages of their treatment.

Candidacy for Invisible Braces

Most patients can use this treatment, but an exam must be performed to confirm eligibility. Patients who have certain types of bite irregularities may require another type of braces. Thanks to Invisalign Teen, younger patients can also have their teeth straightened discreetly.

Invisible braces make orthodontic treatment easier in terms of appearance, comfort and oral health. At a consultation with Dr. Allen Sanders, our invisible braces dentist in Rocklin, patients can find out if this treatment will work for them.


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