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What Adults Should Know about Braces

What Adults Should Know about Braces

Braces are no longer only common among teenagers and children. With more braces options and greater awareness of the benefits of straight teeth, many adults are now also seeking orthodontic treatment. Here is what adults should know about their options for correcting crooked teeth.

Braces Offer More Than Increased Confidence

For many patients, the prospect of a better-looking smile is plenty incentive to get braces. However, aesthetic improvements are only one reason to consider braces. After having their teeth straightened, patients are less likely to develop cavities and gum disease, which can both lead to tooth loss. Furthermore, straight teeth can chew food more easily. This promotes better digestion, which helps the whole body stay healthier.

Adults Have Several Braces Options

Many orthodontic treatments are open to patients of all ages, including metal braces, ceramic braces and lingual braces. Metal braces are the most affordable option and can correct the widest range of bite problems. Ceramic braces are similar in structure to metal braces, but their color is translucent or tooth tinted for a more natural appearance. Lingual braces are hidden behind the teeth. Invisalign Full, open to only adults and some older teens, uses clear aligners to correct teeth with total discretion. Invisalign is also comfortable and can be removed for easier brushing and flossing.

Braces are an investment that pays off with a lifetime of improved oral health and a better smile. To learn more about the advantages of braces and the choices available, patients can schedule a consultation with our adult braces dentist.


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