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It has been our pleasure to have our grandson in Dr. Sanders' care. His excellent orthodontic skills and procedures have allowed our grandson's jaw to become properly aligned and his teeth shifted into their correct positions. Another positive outcome has been his improved speech. The Dr. works so well with his patients, making certain they understand their treatment and how to take care of their own appliances and teeth. - Scotty and Judi Bruce, Rocklin, CA

From a patient who has had Phase I and Phase II treatment
Awesome, you guys are so nice and Kathy is so sweet and fun. Dr. Sanders is funny and he always listens to me when I tell him what's been going on. It's so fun coming here. Thank you for all your work of six years and counting. I love being here. - Shane K, Orangevale, CA

I am highly impressed by Dr. Sanders' expertise and professionalism, and would recommend him as the best in his class. He did an outstanding job and I could not be more pleased. I had struggled with a moving tooth for over ten years and had been told that it could not be corrected. I am glad that Dr. Sanders found a way to save the tooth and improve my smile. - Norma Borrett, Newcastle, CA

My daughter and I highly recommend About Face Dental! The results have been amazing! My daughter started with a severe cross-bite and her teeth were a mess. Dr. Sanders has them all straight and has corrected her bite. Not only did it fix her smile, but enhanced her facial structure and made her lips look more full. Office is always immaculate and they are always on time. Thanks so much for everything Dr. Sanders! - Marie Thatcher, Lincoln, CA