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Taking Care of Teeth When Wearing Braces

Taking Care of Teeth When Wearing BracesBraces promote better oral health for a lifetime afterwards, but some risks must be considered during treatment. Fortunately, these risks mainly involve increased tendency to accumulate grime and can be addressed with stringent brushing and flossing. Here is more about the importance of caring for your teeth during this time and how you can do so.

Risks Of Poor Oral Hygiene During Orthodontic Treatment

The problems caused by insufficient brushing and flossing during treatment with braces are essentially the same as those that can occur without braces. If food and bacteria are allowed to accumulate on and around the teeth, decay and gum disease can result. Unfortunately, brackets and wires increase the likelihood of this happening.

How to Prevent Problems During Treatment

Although the tools of home dental hygiene remain the same during orthodontic treatment, the best methods and routines differ slightly. When you brush, you should scrub along the braces first to clear debris away from one side of the braces and again from the other side. Along the way, concentrate on getting behind the wires and between the teeth. Flossing requires threading the floss behind the wires. While this is more challenging during orthodontic treatment, a floss threading tool can make it easier.

Regular check-ups and cleanings remain essential when you are wearing braces. This way, our expert in braces in Rocklin, Dr. Allen Sanders, can also catch problems early so that risks of complications are minimized. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about how to take care of your teeth while they are being straightened.


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