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Taking Care of Teeth After Braces Come Off

Taking Care of Teeth After Braces Come Off

Wearing braces will raise your risk of cavities and gum disease because plaque easily sticks around the brackets. After your treatment is complete, additional care can be beneficial so that your teeth and gums stay healthy and look good. Here are some of the ways that you can care for your teeth during this time.

Receive Extra Office Care

Our dentist may advise preventive treatments and other precautions following orthodontics. After removing your brackets, our dentist will clean your teeth to remove food particles and bacteria and polish away any light stains. New bite impressions and X-rays may be performed to confirm that the teeth have responded to the planned changes.

Monitor Oral Hygiene at Home

Brushing and flossing are as important after orthodontics as before. Every day, you should brush and floss and limit your consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Mouthwash may also be beneficial to help clear away any plaque that built up during orthodontic treatment. To avoid tooth discoloration, you may also want to avoid tobacco and heavily pigmented food and drinks, such as coffee, wine, tea, and chocolate.

Orthodontics can set you on a lifelong path of better oral health, but taking an active approach following treatment is valuable for maximum protection against dental problems. Combining consistent care at our office and at home is the best way to achieve this. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen Sanders to find out more about caring for your teeth after you have them straightened.

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