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Smoking during Invisalign Treatment

Smoking during Invisalign Treatment

Smoking can stain teeth an unsightly yellow color, so it is easy to see how this habit can also discolor Invisalign aligners. Many people choose Invisalign for its virtual invisibility. Therefore, if you smoke, you should avoid doing so while wearing your aligners if you want to preserve the discretion of this treatment.

Tar Stains from Smoking

Smoke-stained teeth are notoriously difficult to whiten through conventional cleaning, and aligners are even less likely to come clean after they have been discolored this way. Even if you take your aligners out each time you smoke, your mouth will be coated with tar that might discolor the aligners after you put them back in. For this reason, you should brush your teeth thoroughly before putting the aligners back in to minimize chances of making tar stains.

Possible Warping

Invisalign aligners must retain their shape in order to work properly. If the plastic is exposed to high temperatures, it could lose its desired shape and delay completion of treatment. This is why you should avoid washing the aligners with hot water. Similarly, the high temperature of cigarette smoke could warp the aligners, particularly at the front of the mouth. You can help keep your treatment on course by not smoking while your aligners are in.

Clearly, smoking can make Invisalign treatment far more complicated than it is normally. This means that if you stop smoking, you will not only support your overall health but also ease your Invisalign experience. You can learn more about smoking during Invisalign by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Allen Sanders, our Rocklin Invisalign dentist.


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