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Right Time to Start Braces Treatment

Right Time to Start Braces Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be performed at any stage of life. However, the best time can vary with the individual depending on orthodontic risk factors. By taking advantages of certain treatment times into account, patients may have a better experience with orthodontics.

Early Orthodontics

Some children benefit from receiving orthodontics during childhood. For example, this can prevent overcrowding or poor tooth eruption later. On the other hand, some patients do best with braces during adolescence. At this point, the teeth and jaws are still developing, giving patients a faster rate of treatment than what adults receive. Getting braces early in life also can help patients socially by giving them a better-looking smile.

Braces in Adulthood

For patients who have bite irregularities during adulthood, braces remain effective. Some adults get braces after orthodontic relapse following previous treatment, but others get braces for the first time at this stage. The standard benefits of treatment are similar for adults as for kids, but there can be some differences. Treatment can take longer in adulthood because the fully developed jaws are less malleable than those of kids and teens. At the same time, adults frequently have more choices for treatment.

Many types of braces are available today, including traditional metal braces and more discreet options, such as ceramic braces and Invisalign. Eligibility can vary, but many patients get multiple choices. A consultation with our braces dentist, Dr. Allen Sanders, can be scheduled by patients who want to learn more about the best time to get braces.

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