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Meeting new patients is always an enjoyable experience for us. Your first visit is a free of charge consultation that will consist of a comprehensive examination and a discussion of possible treatment options. The most often asked questions are

  • Is treatment needed now or should it be delayed ?
  • What procedures will be used to correct the problem ?
  • Length of treatment
  • Cost and payment options

Dr. Sanders welcomes your questions and reserves adequate time to give you a thorough explanation of your specific orthodontic needs.

Diagnostic records are often taken at this appointment with your permission. The records include X-rays, photos, and impressions for study models. These are essential for developing the appropriate treatment plan.


About Face accepts all major credit cards and will file all claims with your insurance company. For those who have no insurance coverage, we can begin treatment with no down payment and an affordable monthly payment plan. You receive discounts for multiple family members and cash rewards for referrals.

  • Affordable monthly payment plans
  • No down payment
  • Most insurance plans accepted and filed
  • Credit card payments
  • Family discounts
  • Referral Cash Awards

We are pleased to review your insurance policy to determine orthodontic benefits. Once we have this information for you, we will discuss the best use of your benefits. Insurance rarely pays the full benefit at the beginning of treatment. Thus, if your benefits change during treatment, the financially responsible party is accountable for any remaining charges.