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Options for Braces Treatment

Options for Braces Treatment

Improvements to appearance, oral health, and comfort can be achieved with several types of braces today. Furthermore, many patients are able to choose which treatment to receive, allowing them to prioritize advantages in line with their own interests. Here are some of the main options you may have when you visit Dr. Sanders for braces.


Practically invisible, Invisalign uses aligners that are made of clear plastic and fit over teeth, making brackets and wires unnecessary. This system can often straighten teeth more quickly than other braces, and its smoothness makes treatment very comfortable. Besides offering adult braces, Invisalign now features options for teens, as well as a faster treatment for minor bite irregularities in adults.

Metal Braces

These are a longtime standard of orthodontic care and are still common today. They are not discreet, but they work on patients of all ages, and can correct virtually any orthodontic issue. Metal braces also tend to be the most affordable option for straightening teeth.

Discreet Braces With Braces

Some braces resemble metal braces in their structure, but are more discreet because of what they are made of or where they are placed. For instance, ceramic braces are tooth colored, and some use self-ligating brackets that are extra small. Lingual braces are metal braces placed behind the teeth.

If you have bite irregularities, you can benefit from visiting our dentist for an orthodontic exam. This exam may find that multiple types of braces would work on your teeth, and a discussion with our dentist can help illuminate the best choice for you.

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