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Is Invisalign Technology New?

Is Invisalign Technology New

Invisalign continues to rise in popularity as patients realize the value of discretion during orthodontic treatment. While Invisalign is newer than metal braces, it has been around for more than a decade, while Improvements to the Invisalign process continue to arrive.

For a long time, metal braces were the only choice for patients who wanted to straighten their teeth. Unfortunately, the impact of metal braces on physical appearance also makes many recipients self-conscious. Invisalign became available in 1998, revolutionizing orthodontic treatment with its ability to change the positions of teeth without significantly altering them visually in the meantime.

Although Invisalign is not the only option at this point for patients seeking a clear alternative to metal braces, it remains the standard. Since 1998, the company has continued to improve its system and now has different versions for patients with different requirements. For example, patients with very minimal corrective needs can choose Invisalign Express, which works in just a few months rather than the year or more usually necessary with Invisalign Full. Invisalign Teen is made for adolescents younger than 17 with accommodations made for continuing growth and extra aligners for these busy patients.

Today, Invisalign can correct more types of bite irregularities compared to when it was first released. Most cases of overbite, underbite, crossbite and irregular spacing can be straightened this way, but other treatments may be recommended depending on what is found during an exam. To learn more about this treatment and its history, patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen Sanders, your Invisalign dentist in Rocklin.


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