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Invisible Braces Rocklin

Invisible Braces RocklinMore patients are having their teeth corrected with invisible braces because of aesthetic and other advantages. In addition to being virtually invisible, these braces are more comfortable and convenient for patients. Here is more information from our Rocklin invisible braces dentist about the benefits of this innovative treatment.

Invisible braces give patients nearly all the functionality of metal braces without their associated pain, inconvenience and unsightly appearance. Adult patients often prefer invisible braces because they are less likely to interfere with social interaction. With the ability to remove the aligners, patients are less likely to face breakage and require costly replacement or repairs. Our expert in invisible braces in Rocklin also says that invisible braces help preserve oral health because dental hygiene is easy after removing them.

Rocklin Invisible Braces

Treatment with invisible braces can take as little as 10 months, which is comparable to the time necessary for correction with metal braces. However, invisible braces require fewer visits and no adjustment at all. This means that patients are freed from the intermittent pain of metal braces, which can last for days and make eating unpleasant. At regular appointments, our Rocklin invisible braces dentist monitors progress and switches the aligners until correction is complete.

Invisible braces can now be used to correct almost all of the bite irregularities addressed by metal braces. However, this treatment is only an option for patients whose jaws are fully developed, including adults and some older adolescents. In certain cases, patients may receive a combined treatment that involves both invisible braces and other approaches. To find out whether invisible braces are an option, patients should schedule a consultation with our dentist.

Invisible braces offer less intrusive orthodontic correction for busy, image-conscious patients. Because invisible braces lack brackets and wires, they are also more comfortable and less likely to harbor food particles and bacteria that cause tooth decay. With these benefits in mind, it is clear why many modern patients want this option when they visit our expert in invisible braces in Rocklin.

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