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Invisalign Dentist Rocklin

Invisalign Dentist in RocklinIf your teeth are overcrowded, you have an overbite or an underbite, or you just need slight corrections to the alignment of your teeth, you need a dentist to correct your problem and give you the even smile you deserve. Dr. Allen Sanders can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Dr. Allen Sanders, Rocklin orthodontist, provides many options for straightening your teeth. Although some patients will require the traditional type of braces because of the type of alignment issues they are experiencing, other patients may be able to select Invisalign aligners instead of metal braces. Invisalign aligners are transparent plastic aligners that fit over the teeth, realigning them without the metallic look of traditional braces. These aligners are removable for eating and for oral care, making them more convenient and easy to care for than traditional braces. As an added bonus, Invisalign aligners are more efficient at resolving certain types of alignment issues. Dr. Sanders is an Invisalign dentist in Rocklin and he has fit numerous patients with the aligners.

Even patients who need the precise straightening that only traditional braces can provide have options. Braces with clear brackets are less noticeable than metal brackets, for example. Children and teens often prefer colored metal brackets in their favorite colors or their school colors. Dr. Sanders, Invisalign dentist in Rocklin, will discuss all of your options with you during your consultation.

Rocklin Invisalign Dentist

Dr. Sanders earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from Loma Linda University. He went on to complete a General Practice residency at the Veteran’s Hospital in Sepulveda, California, and a five year program in orthodontics from the United States Dental Institute in San Francisco. Dr. Sanders has been practicing orthodontics for nearly 25 years, and he can straighten even the most serious cases of underbite, overbite, misaligned teeth, and much more.

Whether you are an adult seeking teeth straightening or you have a child or teen that needs help with their teeth alignment, Dr. Sanders can help. Call Dr. Sanders, Rocklin Invisalign dentist, to schedule your consultation. Dr. Sanders is happy to accept new patients.

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