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Invisalign Braces Rocklin

Invisalign Braces RocklinInvisalign braces have continued to replace conventional metal braces thanks to their invisibility, convenience and other advantages. Our Rocklin Invisalign braces expert uses Invisalign to correct bite irregularities in patients of all ages, giving them a brilliant smile without many of the problems associated with metal braces. Here is more about the advantages of receiving Invisalign treatment at our office.

Invisalign treatment carries several important advantages for patients who choose it over correction with metal braces. For example, the virtual invisibility of Invisalign aligners means that patients do not have to feel self-conscious while their teeth are being corrected. Because Invisalign aligners can be removed, patients do not need to worry about damaging their braces during meals or other activities. Removability also lets patients keep their teeth and gums healthier during treatment because daily dental hygiene is not complicated by brackets and wires.

Rocklin Invisalign Braces

According to our expert in Invisalign braces in Rocklin, Invisalign treatment generally takes about one year, which is similar to the time required for correction with metal braces. However, treatment is easier with Invisalign because painful wire tightening is a non-issue. Fewer visits to our dentist are also needed with Invisalign as appointments are used mainly to monitor progress and switch to new aligners.

Patients with nearly any type of bite irregularity can receive Invisalign thanks to continued improvements to this technology. However, Invisalign generally cannot be used for patients whose jaws are still developing. This means that while our Rocklin Invisalign braces expert can treat adults using Invisalign, children are not candidates for this treatment. In some cases, adolescents may be eligible for Invisalign depending on the degree of their jaw development. Some patients may require a combined treatment plan that utilizes Invisalign alongside other corrective methods.

More adults are having their teeth corrected with Invisalign because the treatment does not interrupt their lifestyle as much as metal braces would. Thanks to the convenience and other features of Invisalign, patients can have their smiles improved with less stress and better looks in the meantime. Schedule an appointment with our expert in Invisalign braces in Rocklin to see if Invisalign is the right solutions for you.

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