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Invisalign Aligners Compared to Braces

Invisalign Aligners Compared to BracesIn the past, when patients needed their teeth or bite aligned, their only option was the traditional braces with silver-toned brackets and wire. Today, many patients can choose between braces and Invisalign aligners. It is important to understand the key differences between these two systems before you make a decision. Dr. Sanders, Rocklin orthodontist, can help.

Braces remain a popular option for adults and children alike. This system of alignment uses brackets and a wire to gently guide the teeth into place. Braces are capable of making very precise movements and can be used to move the teeth vertically as well. These types of movements are essential for many patients with certain types of alignment problems. In addition, braces are efficient. In most cases, the teeth can be moved into their final position in just two to three years.

Invisalign aligners are growing in popularity, especially among teens and adults. Most patients who choose Invisalign aligners do so because they like the fact that the aligners are difficult to detect. Instead of metal wires and brackets, the Invisalign system uses clear plastic trays that fit over the teeth. These trays are difficult to see, allowing the patient to enjoy a metal-free smile throughout the treatment process. In addition, Invisalign aligners can be more efficient than braces for some patients, guiding the teeth into position in as little as one year.

Call About Face Dental Care to schedule a consultation. Dr. Sanders, Rocklin Invisalign provider, will examine your teeth and help you determine which system is best for your needs and lifestyle.

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