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How Often to See the Dentist When Wearing Braces

How Often to See the Dentist When Wearing Braces

Straightening with braces requires consistent pressure on the teeth. Each time the teeth adjust to the force being placed on them by the braces, the braces have to be tightened again. While many patients require these appointments at similar intervals, the frequency of visits can actually vary for a number of reasons.

Standard Time Between Visits

For most patients receiving most types of braces, visits are required about once per month. During these visits, Dr. Allen Sanders may adjust not only the wires, but also the rubber bands and springs. Patients who are wearing additional appliances, such as palatal expanders, may have those appliances adjusted or removed at routine appointments.

How Appointment Frequency Can Vary

Time between visits can vary among patients and can change as treatment progresses. When treatment is proceeding as planned, appointments may be reduced to as little as once every two months. Patients who have certain types of braces, such as Damon braces, may also require only about half as many visits as those with traditional braces. Children often need more frequent appointments as their improvements occur more quickly. Finally, patients having both their top and bottom teeth straightened may need more frequent visits because the arches may respond to treatment at different rates.

Orthodontic treatment is highly personalized, and this also applies to how often patients require appointments while their teeth are being straightened. Patients can schedule a consultation with our braces dentist to find out how often they may require appointments during treatment.

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