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How Many Hours Should Invisalign be Worn Each Day?

How Many Hours Should Invisalign be Worn Each DayInvisalign, like other braces, fully corrects the positions of the teeth through long-term retraining. If Invisalign aligners are not worn for the right amount of hours each day, treatment may not proceed as planned. Here is a look at how many hours of wear are required each day during Invisalign treatment.

How Many Hours Each Day?

According to Invisalign, its aligners should be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours each day. However, wearing the aligners for longer, or up to 23 hours a day, may better support the timely correction of the bite irregularities. Patients should only remove their aligners to eat any food, drink anything other than water, and to brush and floss.

Importance of Sufficient Aligner Usage

The outcome patients desire from braces depends on the intensive pressure placed on the teeth toward their proper positions. Unlike metal braces that cannot be removed, Invisalign does require cooperation on the part of patients in order to work. Failure to wear the aligners for the proper amount of time could delay transitions between stages and prolong the amount of time until completion.

Patients will receive retainers made by Invisalign after finishing the corrective phase of treatment. These retainers are similar to the aligners in their appearance, but their purpose is to keep the teeth in their corrected positions. While continuous wear of the retainer is often necessary at first, patients later move to part-time retainer wear. By wearing the aligners and retainer as often as directed, patients safeguard the value they receive from this investment. Schedule a consultation with our Invisalign dentist in Rocklin to learn more about how often they should wear their aligners.


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