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How Long Does Treatment with Braces Take?

How Long Does Treatment with Braces Take

All patients gain similar lifelong benefits from braces, but the treatment itself can vary in length. How long a patient has to wear braces can depend on the type of braces involved, any bite irregularities needing treatment, and the retainer usage required afterwards. Here is more about each of these factors.

Type of Treatment

Traditional metal braces often take about two years to straighten teeth, but some other treatments work in less time. For example, Invisalign treatment lasts an average of about 15 months. Self-ligating braces, another discreet option, can also cut treatment time significantly.

Bite Irregularities Involved

The further teeth need to be moved, the more treatment is required. While minor issues may be straightened in less than a year, severe problems can take two years or more to correct. Some issues may also require the use of orthodontic appliances that cannot be worn at the same time as braces, extending total treatment time as a result.

Retainer Use Afterwards

Retainers are given to patients to wear after they complete orthodontic treatment so that their results last. Some patients may benefit from wearing their retainers overnight for life, while others may only need six months of overnight retainer usage.

Orthodontic treatment varies with the needs of the individual, and treatment time is different as result. Every patient needs an exam in order to find out how long their treatment will be. At a consultation with our braces dentist, Dr. Allen Sanders, patients can learn more about how orthodontic treatment time is determined.

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