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How Does Invisalign Look?

What Does Invisalign Look Like

Invisalign braces are named for their virtual invisibility, setting them apart from traditional metal braces and other orthodontic options. The low profile alone is enough for many patients to seek this treatment, but prospective Invisalign recipients still commonly want to know what it will look like on them. Here is more about how Invisalign looks.

Invisalign Appearance

Invisalign consists of clear plastic aligners that patients wear over their teeth. Because the shape of the aligners is based on the shape of the smile, the aligners hold tightly to the teeth. The thinness of the plastic ensures that the aligners only exceed the size of the smile by a small margin. From most angles in most lighting, the aligners are difficult to notice.

Maintaining the Aligners

Each set of aligners arrives with total transparency, and proper use of the aligners is essential to avoid sullying them. When patients are wearing their aligners, they should avoid tobacco as it could impart a yellow tint to the plastic. Furthermore, no foods and no beverages but water should be consumed while the aligners are in. Before putting the aligners back in after meals or beverages, patients should rinse and brush their teeth to remove potentially staining pigments.

Routine replacement of the aligners as the treatment progresses also helps ensure that treatment stays discreet. With cleaning tips provided by our braces dentist in Rocklin, patients can better keep their aligners clear. A consultation with our dentist, Dr. Allen Sanders, can be scheduled by patients who want to learn more about how Invisalign looks.


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