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How Braces Work

How Braces Work

Braces are common today, but how they work may still seem mysterious to most people. While the basic idea behind how orthodontic treatment works is somewhat simple, the process is remarkable in its ability to transform the positions of the teeth. Here is how orthodontic appliances adjust the smile.

Basic Mechanism of Orthodontics

Orthodontics may involve brackets and wires or clear aligners. Both achieve their objectives similarly by placing continuous pressure on the teeth towards the desired final positions. As the teeth continue to move during treatment, the pressure is made more restrictive by tightening the wire or replacing the aligner. Finally, the orthodontic treatment phase is finished, and patients begin wearing retainers to keep their new smile.

Bone Remodeling

The positions of teeth are maintained by the force placed on them by the jaws and the ligaments surrounding them. As orthodontic treatment progresses, these tissues are forced to essentially change shape and accommodate the new tooth positions. Eventually, the jaws and ligaments supporting the teeth remain in their new positions permanently. Remodeling of these tissues is a major reason why orthodontic changes take significant time to achieve. Depending on the patient, treatment may require just a few months, or more than two years to complete.

Orthodontic issues can cause many problems related to oral health and appearance. At the office of our dentist, Dr. Allen Sanders, patients can receive a lifelong solution to these issues. You can contact our office to schedule a consultation and find out more about the workings of orthodontics.

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