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Foods You Should Not Eat While Wearing Braces

Foods You Should Not Eat While Wearing Braces

Braces are built to last throughout treatment, but they can still break under certain conditions. For this reason, you should avoid eating certain foods while your teeth are being straightened. Here is a look at the foods that you should skip during treatment from our braces dentist in Rocklin.

Big Chunks of Food

When you eat larger chunks of food, your teeth will have to sink deeper into the food to the point that force is placed on the brackets. With harder foods, in particular, this could cause the bonding material to break and the brackets to come loose.

Hard Foods

Chewing on hard foods can damage your braces. Some hard foods, such as hard candy, can be consumed without chewing. Others, like popcorn and nuts, should be avoided outright while you are wearing braces. Once you are done with treatment, you will be able to chew these foods more easily than ever before.

Sticky Foods

Braces can harbor food particles, and sticky foods are especially likely to remain around the brackets. Caramel is one food in this category that should be avoided as it can also break brackets loose. If you eat other sticky foods, such as pastries, you should brush carefully afterwards to avoid plaque buildup.

Damage to your braces is less likely to happen if you avoid the foods listed here. If damage does occur, however, our dentist can repair them. Please keep in mind that this might add to your treatment costs. To learn more about what foods you should watch out for during treatment, you can schedule a consultation with our dentist.


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