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Early Orthodontic Treatments in Rocklin

Early Orthodontic Treatments in RocklinAs orthodontics becomes more advanced, early orthodontic treatments are becoming more common. Children as young as age seven can benefit from early orthodontic interventions in many cases. If your child has a bite alignment problem or misaligned teeth, Dr. Allen Sanders, specialist for early orthodontic treatments in Rocklin, can help.

Many parents opt for early orthodontic treatments for their children because it can remedy a number of problems. For example, if your child is experiencing pain, problems chewing, or even problems speaking because of a bite alignment issue, Dr. Sanders, Rocklin early orthodontic treatments expert, can fix the bite and remedy the problem. In addition, misaligned teeth can benefit from braces and other dental devices.

Some problems, such as an underbite or a narrow upper arch, benefit most from early intervention because treating the problem early while the jaw is still growing can fix the problem more completely than trying to correct the issue after the jaw is fully formed. In some cases, early treatment, such as by using a palatal expander to widen the jaw slightly, can make the adult teeth align more effectively once they grow in.

Early Orthodontic Treatments Rocklin

Of course, seeking early orthodontic treatment for your child does not offer any guarantee that he or she will not require additional orthodontic treatments once his or her adult teeth come in. However, if your child is suffering from severe pain, problems chewing or speaking, or social embarrassment because of their tooth or jaw alignment issues, early intervention can be very helpful.

Dr. Sanders is more than just a specialist for early orthodontic treatments in Rocklin. He also fixes the teeth of teens and adults. For these patients, he offers many options, such as Invisalign aligners, clear braces, as well as the traditional plain or colored metal braces.

Contact About Face Dental Care to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanders, Rocklin early orthodontic treatments dentist. Dr. Sanders will be glad to examine your child’s teeth and jaw and help determine if early treatment is right for their needs. The initial examination is free, and financing is available.

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