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Does Wearing Invisalign Affect Your Speech?

Does Wearing Invisalign Affect Your SpeechInvisalign is superior to metal braces in terms of appearance, convenience and ease of oral health maintenance. However, some patients worry that Invisalign will give them speech problems during treatment. Because Invisalign adds thickness to the front of the mouth, some patients do experience slight speaking difficulty, especially early in treatment. In most cases, this disappears as patients get used to wearing the aligners.

How Invisalign May Affect Speech

Most patients experience no speech abnormalities during Invisalign treatment from our Rocklin orthodontist, but some patients find speaking more challenging at first. This can also happen with metal braces and other dental appliances. Fortunately, researchers have found that patients generally adjust to speaking while wearing aligners before long. Some patients take a few days to adapt, while others need only a few hours.

Addressing the Problem

When patients experience speaking problems during Invisalign treatment, the problem can be corrected in a number of ways. In some cases, patients can fix the problem by performing speech exercises. Other patients find that putting extra effort into enunciating words at first helps to resolve the issue. Finally, conversing and reading aloud can also help to speed the process of adapting to speaking while wearing the aligners.

Speech problems can affect Invisalign patients. However, many patients never experience any difficulty in this area, and many others see their speaking return to normal soon after starting treatment. When problems continue, speech exercises often resolve the issue. Patients can learn more and schedule a consultation by contacting our Invisalign dentist in Rocklin.

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