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Does Treatment with Braces Hurt?

Does Treatment with Braces Hurt

The discomfort of orthodontic treatment may be as well-known as its benefits, which include enhanced appearance and improved oral health. Patients who know why this pain occurs and what they can do about it will be prepared once their treatment begins. Here is more about this pain and solutions to it.

Causes of Pain with Braces

Braces work by pulling the teeth into their correct positions gradually in steps. Each step starts with a visit to our dentist, who tightens the wires or replaces the aligners. Pain often begins soon after each of these appointments and can last a few days until the teeth have moved to their latest positions. Some patients who wear braces involving brackets may also occasionally experience pain from abrasion against their inner cheeks.

Solutions to Orthodontic Pain

Anti-inflammatory pain relievers, such as ibuprofen, are effective at reducing or eliminating pain for most patients. However, sometimes the pain can also be reduced by using a slightly different tightening technique. Patients can ask our dentist about this option if their pain is too severe after each appointment. Finally, patients whose pain stems from abrasions may get relief by temporarily covering bothersome brackets with orthodontic wax.

Braces often hurt for short periods throughout treatment, but the results of orthodontic treatment last forever. Furthermore, the reduced risks of oral health issues after braces translate to a lower likelihood of experiencing dental pain, such as from tooth infections. Patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen Sanders, our Rocklin braces dentist, to learn more about braces pain and its solutions.

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