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Differences between Invisalign and Braces

Differences between Invisalign and BracesMetal braces, the traditional orthodontic treatment, is increasingly being replaced by Invisalign, a clear form of orthodontics that is different in several ways. These differences apply not only to appearance but also to comfort, oral health and other aspects of treatment.

1. Clear orthodontics cannot move teeth in all ways that metal orthodontics can.
Whereas brackets and wires can move teeth vertically, clear aligners cannot. Greater precision is also possible with metal orthodontics. The broader applications of metal orthodontics can make them preferable for some patients.

2. Prices vary with both options.
Costs can be considerable with any orthodontic treatment, but specific costs depend on a variety of factors. These factors include severity of bite irregularities, special features and additional appliances.

3. Metal orthodontics are fixed, but clear ones are removable.
With metal orthodontics, bonding material is used to attach the brackets and wires to the teeth and are removed only at the end of treatment. Clear aligners are removable by the patient at any time.

4. Metal orthodontics place limitations on diet.

Brackets and wires can be broken by certain foods. For this reason, patients wearing metal orthodontics may need to make some dietary changes. Meanwhile, the ability to remove clear aligners before meals eliminates this issue.

Brushing and flossing is easier with clear orthodontics, which are also more comfortable thanks to the smooth plastic aligners. Eligibility for clear orthodontics is more restrictive than for metal orthodontics , but eligibility for each requires an exam to confirm. At a consultation with Dr. Allen Sanders, patients can learn more about how these treatments differ and find out which would be best for them.


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