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Clear Braces Rocklin

Clear Braces RocklinClear braces have become a preferred orthodontic treatment among image-conscious patients. In contrast to metal braces, which can negatively affect a patient's smile for the duration of treatment, clear braces are virtually invisible when they are worn. A variety of other advantages are offered by clear braces, including easier cleaning and increased comfort.

According to our Rocklin clear braces dentist, the invisibility of clear braces is what initially attracts most patients. However, there are several other major benefits related to oral health and functionality during clear braces treatment. With removable aligners, patients can prevent damage by taking them out before meals, sports and other potentially damaging activities. The lack of brackets and wires means that food particles are less likely to collect and cause decay on the faces of teeth. Easier brushing and flossing during clear braces treatment also helps patients avoid oral health problems.

Rocklin Clear Braces

In most cases, treatment from our expert in clear braces in Rocklin takes only about one year. However, treatment time depends on the degree of bite irregularity present. Patients appreciate the reduced need for regular visits, which are necessary with metal braces and can cause discomfort for days at a time. Finally, the reduced risk of breaking clear braces means that patients are less likely to need extra visits for repairs.

Patients must have fully developed jaws to qualify for clear braces. This excludes children and most younger adolescents, but most adults and many older adolescents are eligible for this treatment. Clear braces work for almost all of the same bite irregularities treated with conventional braces. However, only a consultation with our Rocklin clear braces dentist can determine whether any patient can receive this type of correction.

According to our expert in clear braces in Rocklin, clear braces are ideal for adults because the treatment is less likely to interfere with their work and social life. This means that more patients can enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatment, which include not only enhanced appearance but also improved digestion and better long-term oral health.

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