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Choosing the Best Type of Braces

Choosing the Best Type of Braces

Patients once had only one option for orthodontic treatment: metal braces. Today, patients are often candidates for a variety of options, and choosing the best one for them will depend on their goals. Here is a look at making the best choice for treatment with braces according to priority.


When appearance during treatment is important, patients may prefer clear, ceramic, or lingual braces. Ceramic and lingual braces still use brackets, but ceramic has clear brackets are lingual braces are hidden behind the teeth. Clear braces, the most discreet option, use plastic aligners, and no brackets or wires at all.

Special Requirements

Some treatments are designed for specific requirements, such as mild bite irregularities and treatment during adolescence. Six month braces and Invisalign Express are options for patients who need only minor adjustments or correction of orthodontic relapse. For teenagers, Invisalign Teen makes discreet treatment possible with extra aligners and a design that accounts for continuing growth.


Traditional metal braces are not only more versatile in their capabilities compared to alternatives, but also more affordable. Depending on the types of bite irregularities involved, metal braces may also be the only option for certain patients. As a result, metal braces remain common among kids and adults alike.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed at the many types of braces available. When patients visit Dr. Allen Sanders for a consultation, they can find out about all their options. Treatment time, discretion, and cost can all be compared to find the best fit for the individual.


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