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Can Invisalign be Used after Braces Treatment?

Can Invisalign be Used after Braces Treatment?Metal braces perform the same types of corrections that come with Invisalign treatment, but satisfying results aren't guaranteed. In addition, teeth may shift back out of line after treatment due to individual differences or lack of retainer use. Fortunately, Invisalign treatment is still an option for consumers who have already had braces in the past and would like to correct remaining issues or even improve their results.

Closure of Unsightly Spaces

Spacing problems are common among people who have already had braces in the past. Even when teeth are straight and the bite is aligned, irregular or excessive spacing between teeth can be unsightly and may affect chewing. According to Dr. Sanders, Rocklin Invisalign dentist, Invisalign can fix spacing issues easily in many cases.

Correction of Other Orthodontic Issues

Some patients continue to have general orthodontic problems after being treated with metal braces. While an appointment with our orthodontist in Rocklin is necessary to confirm that these issues can be fixed with Invisalign, patients can generally expect very good results with this treatment. This is especially true when previous braces treatment was successful at stabilizing back teeth, which help the other teeth maintain their positions.

Invisalign can be an excellent option for patients who have already undergone treatment with braces in the past. After all, few patients want to re-experience the discomfort, inconvenience and unsightly appearance associated with metal fixtures. At an orthodontic evaluation, patients can learn more about what to expect with Invisalign treatment and find out more about its advantages over metal braces.

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