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Braces Treatment for Children

Braces Treatment for ChildrenParents naturally want to give their children the best advantages in life, including helping them to look and feel their best. When a child's teeth are crooked or when they have problems with their bite, they may feel embarrassed, may experience pain or discomfort when chewing, or they may even be teased by other children. To prevent or alleviate these problems, many parents turn to braces for their children.

Braces are a highly successful way to treat most of the orthodontic problems that children face. Once a child has his or her permanent teeth, and in some cases where they still have baby teeth, treatment with braces is warranted to straighten the teeth and to align the bite.

Parents often have many questions about getting braces for their children, including the success rate of using braces. When braces are used to realign or to straighten permanent teeth, they have a very high success rate. The teeth tend to stay in place and your child will probably enjoy his or her new smile throughout their adult lives.

Contact Dr. Sanders, Rocklin orthodontist, for more information about braces for your child. In addition to placing braces on permanent teeth, Dr. Sanders is an expert in early orthodontic treatments in Rocklin, allowing him to straighten baby teeth as well. Call today to schedule your child's consultation.

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