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Braces for Teens

Orthodontic treatment for teens can be quite the pain. Braces are not only constantly being tightened, but they can be quite embarrassing. Still, a mouth full of metal is better than years of alignment issues.  

There can be a number of reasons for teens to need braces. Overly crowded or crooked teeth could be a reason. Another may be gaps between teeth, as well as overbites or open bites. When the teeth don’t properly touch it creates an imbalance that could affect overall oral health. A misalignment or crossbite may be a reason for getting braces. Fixing these issues carries an abundance of benefits. It improves confidence and the overall aesthetics of a smile.  

Straight teeth are easier to clean and much less likely to get cavities. It also helps combat decay. Bad bites can create bizarre pressure on the jaw and teeth. This can lead to chipping, a sore jaw, or even the manifestation of disorders like TMJ. Straighter teeth also make you speak with a clearer tone.  

Teens have options when it comes to braces, although they’ll affect the mouth in different ways. The most important thing is to consult an orthodontist and see what they recommend.  

Metal braces are the traditional ones seen in movies and TV. Metal braces are better for making drastic changes to the structure of the mouth. Ceramic braces are another option. These are clear and much less noticeable. They are more expensive and can stain, but will align teeth very quickly. There are also clear plastic aligners. Invisalign makes the most popular kind. These are great for minor fixes, although you need to wear them 22 hours a day and they do take years to fix a problem. Only an orthodontist can say what the right measures are when it comes to orthodontic treatments for teenagers. Just know there are options. 

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