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Braces for Kids Rocklin

Braces for Kids RocklinChildren with bite irregularities can gain lifelong benefits from early orthodontic treatment. Depending on the age at which braces are used, primary goals of treatment may include guidance of oral development or permanent improvements in jaw structure for aesthetic and functional purposes. Here is more about the benefits of visiting our expert in braces for kids in Rocklin, signs that treatment is necessary, and the optimal ages for bite correction.

Children who receive braces early enjoy a variety of benefits related to prognosis, appearance and overall health. For example, timely treatment can support development of the teeth and gums. Early braces also help ensure that children are more confident in their appearance as they develop social skills. Finally, teeth corrected by our expert in braces for kids in Rocklin are less likely to contribute to tooth decay, gum disease and TMJ and are more effective at breaking down food so that growing kids can absorb the nutrients they need.

Teeth that require correction can display a number of problems, making a consultation with our expert in braces for kids in Rocklin important to identify issues correctly and choose appropriate treatment. Open bites, cross bites and deep bites are three of the most common issues, but problems with crowding and spacing are also frequently seen. Missing teeth can also predispose children to long-term bite problems and should be corrected early for the best results.

The best time for kids to get braces depends on the findings of our expert in braces for kids in Rocklin. In younger children, orthodontic treatment can help improve long-term development of the teeth and jaws. It can also help stop developmentally damaging habits, such as thumb sucking and mouth breathing. During adolescence, braces provide permanent improvements related to appearance and oral health.

Younger children often qualify for either metal or ceramic braces while older teens may also be eligible for Invisalign. When jaw abnormalities or other specific issues are present, our orthodontist may recommend additional oral appliances. To learn more about the advantages of getting braces for kids, parents can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist in Rocklin.

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