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Are Braces the Right Option for Me?


Orthodontic treatment has been used for many years to move teeth to where they should be. As patients gain normal tooth positioning, they also lower the risks of many oral health problems, and commonly report more confidence and comfort. How do you know if you should get braces? While an exam is the only way to know for certain, the following may help give you an idea.

Symptoms of Bite Irregularities

A bad-looking smile is a primary sign of crooked teeth, but other symptoms may also be present. For example, you may experience discomfort when you chew if your teeth do not fit together as they should. Your teeth may also become worn as they rub together in spots during normal activities, such as speaking and eating. Finally, you may even have a history of tooth decay, gum disease, or other common oral health issues due to crooked teeth collecting food and bacteria.

Faster Treatment Is Sometimes an Option

If you find out that you do need orthodontic work done, you may not need a full course of treatment. Many patients with minor bite irregularities get short-term metal orthodontics or an aligner-based option called Invisalign Express. If your orthodontic issues are very minor and cause no problems other than aesthetic disruption, you may be able to receive bonding or veneers to hide rather than correct these flaws.

At any age, orthodontics can be used to attain healthier, better-looking teeth for the rest of your life. Patients who want to find out if orthodontics may help them can contact Dr. Alan Sanders and schedule a consultation.

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