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Adults and Braces

Adults and Braces

Orthodontics are no longer only associated with just kids and teenagers. Many adults today get braces for many reasons, and the results are just as dramatic and permanent as they are for younger patients. Below are some of the major points that adults should note about their orthodontic options.

Many Choices, Including Discreet Treatments

Modern patients can choose from many different appliances other than traditional braces. Many of these treatments are less noticeable than metal braces. These include, for example, ceramic and lingual braces. The most discreet braces of all, clear braces, are virtually invisible. In fact, Invisalign Full is designed specifically with adults and some older teenagers in mind. Patients with minimal treatment needs may also be able to choose short-term braces, such as Invisalign Express or Six-Month Smiles.

Results Can Take Longer but Are Permanent

Braces can take somewhat longer to work for adults compared to kids and teens because their teeth and jaws have finished growing completely. However, the results of treatment will be just as extensive and last just as long. Adults also are likely to recognize the value of lowering risks of cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss in later life.

Adult braces come in many types, and patients frequently are candidates for multiple options. No age is too late to start orthodontic treatment, and the results will last patients for life. A consultation with Dr. Allen Sanders can be scheduled by patients who want to learn more about adult orthodontic options at our office.

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