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Braces Cost Rocklin

Braces Cost RocklinPatients of any age can enjoy a long list of benefits by visiting our orthodontist for braces. As a lifetime investment, braces promise not only improved appearance but also better resistance against oral health problems. Tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disorders and tooth loss are all less likely to occur when teeth fit together properly. Here is more to know about braces and how much braces cost in Rocklin.

What Affects the Cost of Braces?

Patients who seek orthodontics should consider the cost of this investment for budgeting purposes. Depending on the type of braces chosen and the degree of correction required, the total cost of treatment can vary significantly. In addition, some patients may need to pay more to have restorative work performed beforehand. A better idea of how much braces cost in Rocklin can be obtained at a consultation with our orthodontist.

How Do Braces Justify Their Cost?

Braces are a worthwhile investment for many reasons. With improved looks, patients are likely to have more self-confidence in their social lives. Greater comfort in the jaws and teeth are associated with lower risks of tooth damage and loss throughout life. By cutting risks of tooth decay and gum disease as well, braces can actually save patients money over time by reducing their likelihood of needing restorative care.

What Options Are Available?

Patients can choose from a variety of options when they visit our orthodontist in Rocklin. In addition to traditional metal braces, many patients can choose bracket-based lingual and ceramic braces for greater discretion during treatment. For maximum discretion, eligible patients can opt for Invisalign. Rather than using brackets and wires, Invisalign corrects teeth with a series of removable clear aligners that patients wear over their teeth. With any type of orthodontics, the braces cost in Rocklin can vary based on individual factors and treatment goals.

Braces are one of the best investments patients can make in their long-term oral health and appearance. While multiple options are available, all give patients the same lifelong benefits. At a consultation with our orthodontist, patients can find out for which treatments they qualify and learn more about how much braces cost in Rocklin.

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