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Affordable Braces Rocklin

Affordable Braces RocklinThe benefits of getting braces are numerous. Treatment offers improved oral health, comfort and appearance, leading to greater satisfaction with life for many patients. Today, most patients can choose from multiple orthodontic options. Benefits remain the same between options, but candidacy requirements and treatment techniques can differ significantly. Here is more about affordable braces in Rocklin, benefits of each type and general candidacy guidelines.

What Patients Gain from Getting Braces

Patients who have their teeth corrected improve their quality of life in several ways. For example, a better-looking smile after orthodontic treatment can improve social success and confidence as a result. Once the teeth fit together properly, patients are less likely to suffer tooth decay and gum disease as there are fewer places for food and bacteria to hide in the mouth. Later in life, patients who have had their teeth corrected with affordable braces in Rocklin are less likely to lose teeth.

Options Open to Patients

Orthodontic options can be roughly divided into those using brackets and wires and those using clear aligners. With bracket-based options, patients have brackets bonded to their teeth to hold wires in place during treatment. At regular appointments, our orthodontist tightens the wires to guide teeth into place. Clear braces, such as Invisalign, use a series of removable plastic aligners. Patients who choose clear braces visit our orthodontist regularly to have their progress monitored and aligners switched.

Candidacy for Different Types of Braces

Depending on their treatment needs and other individual factors, patients will qualify for different types of affordable braces in Rocklin. Braces with brackets, including metal, ceramic and lingual braces, are options for most adults and children and can address the widest range of bite irregularities. Clear braces are designed for use on fully developed jaws, making them an option only for adults and some older adolescents.

Affordable braces in Rocklin can enhance smiles and improve oral health. With cosmetic and functional benefits, braces promise far-ranging benefits for patients who pursue them. To learn more about orthodontic options and discuss candidacy, patients can contact our Rocklin orthodontist and schedule a consultation.

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